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Wellness Pro Launch PR Event

We believe that revealing specific information encoded within the DNA can help individuals take a step forward towards a personalised healthy living and have an accurate and more successful treatment and fitness regimen. With this purpose, we have designed the Wellness Pro DNA test which provides a full cardio fitness overview.

On March 7th, 2019 we had our first exclusive PR event at the South Place Hotel in London to celebrate the launch of the Wellness Pro DNA test with the number of amazing journalists, influencers and fitness and wellness bloggers. The event was a true success! All our guests had an amazing opportunity to make a cheek swab on spot and try out the Wellness Pro DNA test.  From DNA sample analysis, all our guests would get in-depth information on their heart health, fitness and diet potential as well as receive DNA-based action plans from fitness and medical experts. Our CEO gave a presentation on the concept of our DNA testing service and our unique online platform. We discussed all the different categories of our DNA tests and how the genetic information from these categories can be incorporated in daily activities in order to sustain healthy living.

After very interesting discussions and cheek swab experience, we and all our guests enjoyed a healthy breakfast and continued to share the latest news in the fitness and health industry. We met many inspiring people who we will continue collaborating with and try to make a bigger impact in the wellness and fitness world.

Later, we have received a number of great feedback and here is one of them:

' From a simple mouth swap, you get a super detailed report (which even states the genes you have!) with a supporting action plan covering areas such as diet, exercise (including an actual training programme) and other lifestyle factors that are created by a relevant professional according to your results. To have an increased likelihood of making lasting changes, I find it’s better to focus on a few areas at a time. ' @mimilouj  - Level 3 PT


You can check out the video from this event on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more exciting events from us!