Body Power Expo 2019 - Rightangled

Body Power Expo 2019

BodyPower UK Expo is a fitness extravaganza you cannot afford to miss, an unprecedented expo bringing the fitness industry together as one. Over the past ten years, the Body Power EXPO show has gone from strength to strength, taking over more and more of the NEC in Birmingham every May. This spectacle encompasses all things health and fitness offering a wealth of knowledge, whether you are a beginner or elite sportsman/woman, this is the place for you.

BodyPower Expo exhibits products such as innovation fitness technologies and equipment, sports nutrition, gym wear, a network of gyms, supplements, clothing and accessories for fitness beginners and elite athletes. Throughout the expo, you can find all the major and many of the newer supplement brands all promoting their lines of sports nutrition.  It is a good chance to try out different things and find what suits you better.

BodyPower Expo also showcases ethical and sustainable living, recycling and eating close to nature with additive free products for health, and much more. Education is another area that BodyPower offers, there are many talks given by the number of experts sharing their knowledge and experience.

This year Rightangled exhibited at the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham with its range of health, fitness and diet DNA tests. We met some familiar faces we have worked with previously as well as some new friends and inspiring people from the fitness and wellness industries! We had very interesting discussions with many amazing exhibitors on the latest trends in fitness and nutrition as well as we discussed the business aspect of these. We also run a number of interviews with famous athletes and asked their opinion on DNA testing for health, fitness and nutrition.

Here are the names of some the athletes we had a pleasure to have interview with:

Tom Coleman – PCA Pro,British Champion (WBFF PRO)

Williams Falade – 2xWBFF World Champion

Alex Crockford – Trainerand Fitness Model

MargueritaVonral  - WBFF Pro, Women coach

Wesley Vissers –Classic Physique Pro, Mr Golden Era 2017

Josh Maley – NABBA Mr.Universe 2017

You can check out the video from our BodyPower experience on our YouTube channel.