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Our first DNA Swab Shop in London

The First Ever DNA Swab Shop in London!

DNA testing is a new idea for many people. Unlocking the information encoded in our genes is intriguing, and perhaps even a little bit scary for some people. Diving into cutting-edge medical science could be a big step for some individuals, however many individuals consider that genetic testing can be complicated and overwhelming and perhaps can only be done through healthcare providers such as doctors and genetic counselors, who would normally determine which test is suitable for a person.

However, advancements in genomics and technology made DNA testing more accessible and affordable than ever before. Nowadays, anyone has the ability to get a DNA test with one single click and learn more about their health, nutrition and fitness potential.

On the 13th of February 2019, Rightangled hosted a unique experience in one of the busiest areas in London, to showcase how DNA testing can be done quickly and easily. People walking through the Up Market at One New Change could literally buy one of the DNA testing kits and make the simple saliva swab on spot! During our DNA swab shop the Wellness Pro DNA test was the best seller as many people were quite keen to discover their full cardio - fitness potential and receive tailored and personalised action plans based on their DNA and lifestyle information from our fitness and medical specialists.


Our DNA swab shop was hosted a day prior to Valentine's day and it was a great opportunity for many to get the DNA test as an unusual and valuable gift for their loved ones!


You can check out the highlights of our DNA swab shop on our YouTube channel.

If you have missed it, the Rightangled's team will be coming back for similar events later this year and provide great offers on special days. Stay tuned for the next event!