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Shanghai Trade Mission

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)  has one of the largest healthcare networks advising policy makers, payers, healthcare providers, and health sciences — to meet the challenges of addressing value, new entrants and new global markets. Although healthcare -related challenges differ from one region to another, healthcare strategies around the world focus on how to improve and deliver the best quality of care to the possible highest number of people at the lowest possible cost.

This year PWC UK’s Chinese Business group has organised a trade mission to Shanghai to connect health -oriented businesses and organisations in both UK and China through expertise, relationships and client connections from their global network. PWC United Kingdom’s China Business Group is part of PWC UK's Emerging Markets initiative and is unique in the professional services industry in the UK. PWC China Business Group promotes knowledge, hands-on, practical assistance to companies from China who are looking to expand into the UK or Eurozone and Africa, as well as companies from Britain who are wishing to develop their operation and business in China. They provide  thoughtful, bespoke services, support and development strategies

The delegation was set up for Rightangled and a group of 4 other digital health scales ups from the UK and the EU to immerse themselves in the Chinese market, get access to new customers, new channels to market and to provide the full benefit of local industry experts through PWC’s Shanghai office.

We worked with China Business Group to draw up a list of strategic targets and received useful talks on how to get up to speed with local market conditions and routes of operation. During our trade mission, we have relevant corporate offices, hospitals and key stakeholders within those organisations, as well as representatives from PWC, and alumni from previous China programmes. We were delighted to present our DNA tests and discuss the future of DNA testing for health in China with a number of healthcare professionals.

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