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Zoom Vitamins Test
Zoom Vitamins Test (B9, B12 and D)

Vitamins Test (B9, B12 and D)

£ 85.00
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You may not be getting enough vitamins, despite having a well-balanced diet and lifestyle. Find out what essential micronutrients you are running low on, and where you need to bulk up on to ensure a well-functioning metabolism.


This test measures your:

✔️ Vitamin D

✔️ Vitamin B12 & Active B12

✔️ Vitamin B9 (Folate)


Sample collection method:

☝️🩸 Finger prick

Take the Vitamins Test if you want to focus on your:


Daily doses of vitamins from food rather than supplements are linked to a longer life!

Our report will show you exactly where you are in need of more vitamins and how best you can get them — whether they be through foods or supplements.

Vitamins Test (B9, B12 and D)

£ 85.00

Vitamins Test (B9, B12 and D)

Daily Intake

Understand how your body metabolises certain nutrients and what type of minerals or vitamins it may require. This will then enable you to adjust your food or supplement intake in line with the way your body absorbs and converts these vitamins.

1. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that primarily aids calcium absorption, promoting growth and mineralisation of your bones. Vitamin D does not really behave like a vitamin, rather it functions more like a hormone. It helps maintain strong and healthy bones by regulating calcium and phosphorus. It is also involved in different functions of your immune system, digestive, circulatory, nervous systems, as well as ageing.

2. Vitamin B12 & Active B12
Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body cannot produce. It is found in animal products and also added to some foods. Vitamin B12 has many important functions in our body. It is required for the production of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and tissue repair. Because Vitamin B12 is commonly found in animal products, individuals following a vegetarian or vegan diet may require supplementation. An active B12 test measures the amount of B12 that available for your body to use.

3. Vitamin B9 (Folate)
Folate, or folic acid, is a type of B vitamin. It helps to make DNA, repair DNA, and produce red blood cells. If you do not have enough folate in your diet, you may end up with a folate deficiency. This can occur in just a few weeks. Deficiencies may also occur if you have a disease or genetic mutation that prevents your body from absorbing or converting folate to its usable form. Folate deficiency can cause anaemia.


1. Register your test

Register your kit's barcode online and follow the steps in your instructions manual to collect your sample.

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2. Send your sample

Ship your sample back to the lab using the provided pre-paid return envelope inside your kit.

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3. Receive accurate reports

Your results will be available online in your dashboard within days of sample receipt at the lab.

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Got Questions?

Why are vitamins important?

Each vitamin has a very important function in our body. More details about how they help individually can be found in your report once you've received your results, but overall, they contribute to healthy teeth, bones, tissue, skin, metabolism, and production of red blood cells.

There are two main types of vitamins:

Water-soluble — they're easily dissolved in water and filtered out by the kidneys (all of the B vitamins)

Fat-soluble — meaning your body is able to store them in fat for future use (these are K, A, D, and E)

Some vitamin deficiencies are relatively common because of the food we eat or choose not to eat, like B vitamins, but some vitamin deficiencies are very rare, like vitamin A. All vitamin deficiencies become symptomatic eventually, but checking your levels or being proactive about dietary changes can prevent you from developing a vitamin deficiency in the future. Likewise, some vitamins can get to toxic levels if you are ingesting too much which can have equally negative health consequences.

Interesting details on some of the health risks I need to be aware of. Some were very surprising as there has been no family history...

Lilian B. 15/4/2021

Great service. I have tried several blood test services and Rightangled is the best for speed, efficiency and customer service.

Simon D. 23/4/2021


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