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Health and Fitness Providers

Rightangled exists to enable the widespread use of genetic information and the integration of genetic testing within every primary and secondary care practice. We exist to empower both our clients and users with the tools that can drive better healthcare management.

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Pump up the health and fitness checks of your clients with accurate genetic insights.

We sign supply service agreements with reputable partners across the globe to distribute our services to clinics and fitness centres, in order to help their clients personalise their services and get a competitive edge in the market.

Regulated Healthcare Service Offering

We maintain our high standards by adhering to detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
throughout our international distribution channels.

Digital Operations

An automated online system connecting users to HCPs, enabling us to streamline the service for our clients from A to Z. Each kit is incorporated with a unique barcode that connects the patient to a specific specialist. The data generated is protected and confidential and all procedures conform to GDPR laws.


Service agreements with highly esteemed partner labs ensure the turnaround time to our users' results is within 2-4 weeks. The mailing service used in delivering and returning the samples is also subject to a service agreement in terms of carriage condition and transit time for delivering the kits in a safe and quick manner.

Quality Management

All procedures follow stringent guidelines that have been reviewed and approved by the CQC in the UK, and we have them reviewed on annual basis. In addition, all our partner labs are ISO, CLIA and CAP accredited.