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Wellness Pro

Our Wellness Pro test is the full works. Discover everything from your heart and cardiovascular health, food, and dietary sensitivities to your body's response to types of exercise. So, you can optimise your grocery basket and your workout.

This test is the combination of our 

✔️ Heart DNA Test

✔️ Fitness DNA Test

And it is Inclusive of

✔️ Doctor's review 

✔️ Personal Training Plan


Sample collection method:

💦 Cheek swab

Wellness Pro
Wellness Pro
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360° Full Cardio Fitness DNA Test


We look at your Cardiac, nutrition and physical performance DNA profiles and combine these with your unique lifestyle and environment. You will receive detailed reports of all DNA glitches with explanations and advice. You can also access our resources for more details from your portal.

Heart + Fitness

Our Wellness pro test combines our Heart and Fitness DNA test, given you action plans from renowned doctors and fitness specialists.


Specialists will provide medical, fitness and lifestyle advice to improve your overall health. This can help you reach your goals, for example how to manage food intolerances, prevent injuries, lose weight and minimise your chances of developing cardiac conditions.

"Everyone is different, that's why it's important to have your health, diet and exercise routines uniquely tailored to you, not just to anyone."

Abdullah Sabyah | CEO

Decode your sample in 3 steps.

Heart DNA test

The test will identify glitches in your DNA which increase (or decrease) your chance of developing cardiovascular risks, your response to heart medications, your chances of developing a blood clot or having abnormal cholesterol levels. A full medical review and assessment by a medical practitioner is included.

+ Inclusive of Medical Assessment by a Doctor or a Cardiologist

Cardiovascular Risk Analysis

We screen for genetic predispositions linked to cardiovascular diseases and identify any associated risks that might be affecting your cardiac health and wellness. Your cardiologist review will give you detailed advice on how to optimise your cardiac health and wellness.

Heart Medications Response

Many prescribed drugs may not work for you. This can lead to a long course of ineffective treatment. This test can help your practitioner personalise your course of treatment by identifying the drugs that will benefit you the most.

Fats (Lipid) Metabolism

Everyone processes food differently. We analyse how your genetics and lifestyle impact your metabolism in relation to cardiac related nutrients. This test guides you towards a lifestyle and diet that can optimise your health and maintain healthy lipid levels in your body.

Blood Clot Risk Analysis

Approximately 90% of pulmonary emboli are caused by dislodged fragments from asymptomatic thrombotic blood clots. This test informs your clinician's decision making by identifying the heritable cause of thrombosis and the risk of developing a thrombotic event.

Fitness DNA Test

Whether you are a fitness beginner or an athletic pro, there is always room for improvement and Fitness DNA Test can direct you in the right way. The test will help you understand how you can optimise muscle growth, shed excess body fat, manage blood sugar levels, benefit from your coffee sensitivity and food intolerances and much more.
Start your journey now.

+ Inclusive of a Personal Training and Diet Routine by a Level 3 PT.

Diet and Nutrition

Understand how your body metabolises certain nutrients and what type of minerals or vitamins it may require. Your Nutrigenetic profile will enable you to adjust your food intake in line with the way your body absorbs and converts these nutrients.

Exercise Response

Gain knowledge and understanding of your specific genes and what impact they may have on your fitness output. In doing so, personal recommendations for adopting an alternative or new training regimen can be made to experience an efficient response to exercise and achieve improved fitness levels.

Body & Weight Management

Get personalised recommendations on how you can adopt alternative dietary options and routines to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. This test will also enable you to understand the way your body converts sugar and how sensitive it is to calorie intake.

Frequently Asked Question

How many reports are included in the Wellness Pro DNA Test?

The test is our most comprehensive and detailed DNA test in Cardio Fitness and it covers 48 detailed reports.

How fast can I get my results and action plans?

The reports will be available in 4 weeks from the date your sample reaches our lab.

Can I talk to a specialist after receiving my results?

Yes, a member of our team will reach out to you after receiving your results to answer your questions, and will help book you in with a qualified medical or training expert when needed.

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