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Protect your loved ones

It is in our human nature to protect those we are close to.

At Rightangled our aim is to prevent, protect and perfect.

As a cherished member of our platform, we care about you and we want to keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy.

Submit a short video review of your Rightangled experience to receive a Wellness Pro test completely free and give away to a family member or a friend. Once your submission has been approved, your Wellness Pro kit will be sent out.

Also, if you are found to have a high risk of any cardiac condition, you can offer the same test package to your immediate family for 50% off RRP. Please get in touch to arrange that.

Why testing family is important?

Most of us know that we can reduce our risk of disease by having a healthy diet, not smoking and being physically active. But, did you know that your family history might be one of the strongest influences on your chances of developing heart disease, stroke or diabetes?

Your genetic risk of a condition is inherited from your mother and father. Any DNA variations that your test may reveal could also affect your immediate relatives. Your siblings and each of your children have a 50% chance of inheriting the same genetic glitch that you may carry.

By detecting a genetic variation early, one of our healthcare specialist can tailor a personalised action plan to minimise the risk of a condition developing. Understanding your hereditary of a condition can be useful in protecting your family and ensuring they are aware of their predisposed risks and have the ability to take pre-emptive action against the disease.

Even though you cannot change your genetic makeup, knowing your genetic profile and learning your chances of developing certain anomalies would help you and your family make smarter and more conscious choices to what may become good or bad for your health and wellness.