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Work with your clients DNA to gain unrivalled results

The Fitness DNA Test boosts your clients’ confidence by learning more about how their body functions and what will help them achieve their goals. With this personalised information you can tailor a programme to optimise your clients’ performance.

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Why Fitness DNA test?

Genetics have a direct impact on physical performance and dietary metabolism. Help your clients achieve faster results through highly personalised training and diet plans based on accurate physiological insights alongside the conventional lifestyle information.

Get much faster and safer results for your clients by conditioning their training and nutrition in line with their genetics, lifestyle and personal goals.

Fitness DNA Test is a simple saliva swab test that enables you to know exactly what works for your clients.

Focus on that point of difference

Accelerate your training, create a powerful action plan from the start of your clients journey and make a lasting impact. Take advantage of genetic profiling to develop tailored and effective training methods to achieve tangible results.

Differentiate Your Service

Revive your clients engagement and trust in their training program by increasing awareness of their own body. Improve client loyalty and determination by ensuring transformative results and helping complete beginners through to highly trained athletes.

Body and Weight Management

Assess complete body composition, eating behaviour and sugar conversion rates on a cellular level and establish a personalised lifestyle and dietary plan.

Eating Behaviour

Feeling Full

Hunger Response

Energy Metabolism

Food Pleasure Response

Appetite, Excess Eating

Snacking Behaviour

Sugar Sensitivity

Blood Sugar

Proinsulin to Insulin Conversion

Fasting Blood Glucose

Insulin Secretion

Insulin Sensitivity

Exercise Responses

Understand your client's innate response to power vs endurance exercises, how their muscles grow, recover and repair from induced stress. Also, learn about their risks of having ankle injuries from strenuous exercises and their predisposition to having post work-out low heart rate and high HDL cholesterol levels.

Muscles & Tendons

Muscle Growth
Repair and Recovery
Muscle Power
Muscle Endurance
Predisposition to Achilles Tendinopathy

Post work out CardioFitness

Blood Pressure
Cholesterol Levels

Diet and Nutrition

Not everyone gets the same impact from their diet. Personalise your recommendations on lifestyle and diet to individual genotypes and have the support of a greater body of objective evidence.

Dietary Interactions

Fat & Glucose Metabolism

Sensitivities and Intolerances

Caffeine Sensitivity
Lactose Intolerance
Alcohol Tolerance

Vitamin Needs

Vitamin B9/Folate
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin A

Expand Knowledge

Access extensive resources to understand the science behind our tests. As a partner, you will receive your science booklet (free of charge) and will be able to discuss with our clinicians on how you can build your personalised action plans from the Genetic insights.

Grow Your Business

All marketing collateral will be provided by us. We’ll be there every step of the way and you will have unlimited access to our dedicated science, medical and support teams. Give yourself a competitive edge by offering differentiation through Rightangled.

We make life easier for you

Our online platform centralises all of your client’s assessments in one easy to use dashboard. Clients, on the other hand, can access their reports, book appointments and chat with you directly from their own portal.

How it works?

Sign up as a partner

The whole process is online. You can create an account, fill in your speciality details, set your fees and access your dashboard for all our learning resources.

Learn the science of the DNA

Access your Resources tab to have full access to the reading material and publications to help you personalise your training and diet programs.

Offer the kit to your new and existing clients

The kits are barcoded with unique IDs which will assign your clients to your account.

Online programming.

Access your clients results and make online training and diet plans uniquely tailored to their Genes and self-reported fitness questionnaire.

Follow through with your personalised plans

Take your clients through a truly personalised training and diet program built uniquely for them and tailored to their own goals and needs.

Whether people want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve their endurance or power,
I can look at their reports and give them the optimal plan to help achieve their specific goals.

Tim Digan
MSc, BSc, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer