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Receive tailored and specialised cardiac health, diet and fitness reports with your raw 23andme data. The way it works is simple: upload your data file and receive your reports within 10 minutes.

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Get access to specialised medical, diet and exercise reports.

  • Heart DNA Test

    Covering 21 specialised reports in the genetics of your heart and cardiovascular system. Reports are organised in 4 main areas:

    ✔️ Lipids metabolism

    ✔️ Cardiac screening

    ✔️ Drug responses for cardiovascular medications

    ✔️ Venous Thrombosis and risks of oestrogen supplements.

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  • Diet & Nutrition DNA Test

    19 detailed genetic reports specialised in diet, nutrition, vitamins metabolims and food intolerances. Reports are split between 2 main sections:

    ✔️ Diet & Nutrition (including vitamins and food intolerances)

    ✔️ Body & Weight management (including sugar conversion and appetite)

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  • Fitness + Diet DNA Test

    27 specialised reports in diet, nutrition, sugar conversions and exercise responses. Genetic reports are split between 3 main areas:

    ✔️ Exercise responses

    ✔️ Diet & Nutrition (including vitamins and food intolerances)

    ✔️ Body & Weight management (including sugar conversion and appetite)

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How it works

1. Upload your 23andme file

2. Answer a simple questionnaire

3. Get your reports online within 10 minutes

Once the results have been processed, the reports are then reviewed by our specialist partners in order to deliver an accurate assessment for each individual result

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I took a DNA test with 23andme, can I upload my results and access Rightangled's reports?

  • How do I access my Rightangled reports after uploading my 23andme results?

  • Will I be able to delete my data after receiving my Rightangled reports?

Yes, if you’ve done a DNA test with 23andme you can upload your raw results onto our system. You will then receive tailored insights about your cardiac health, response to treatemnt, diet, metabolism, sugar sensitivity, food intolerances, exercise responses and much more.

All our reports come with a medical and fitness review from UK registered doctors.

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As part of your results upload process, we will ask you to create an account and sign a consent form for us to process your data file. Once your account is set up and your reports have been processed, your results will be available on your online portal. You can access them by logging on to your account.

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Certainly you can. All you have to do is email us at info@rightangled.com with your user details and a member of our team will action your request promptly.

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