Politique de remboursement


1.1 We operate a strict no refund and returns policy for Covid PCR testing kits.

1.2 If the PCR test booking reference number has been issued by us and sent to you, we cannot provide a refund.

1.3 PCR Test kits cannot be returned once received by you due to the risk of transmission of the virus.

1.4 You are liable for ensuring that your information is submitted correctly, as we cannot process any refunds as a result of incorrect shipping information or missing kit registration. 

1.5 We are not liable for any delays outside of our control such as delayed postage or delays from the laboratory. In addition, we are not liable for any tests that have been damaged or lost in the post. A replacement can be issued in certain cases.

1.6 Should you wish to return any other item (beside COVID PCR test kit) purchased from our website, and within 14 days of order receipt, you are able to do so by emailing our support team at info@rightangled.com and confirming your intention to return the purchased item at your own cost. Rightangled Ltd reserves the right to withhold £25 postage and processing fees on each dispatched order. The remaining amount of your order will then be processed within 10 working days. The refund will be deposited back to the bank account used for placing the order.



2.1 Our money-back guarantee ensures that you receive a full refund if you change your mind after purchasing your kit and it has not yet been dispatched, or if you wish to return unused items (besides COVID PCR testing kits) within 14 days of placing the order and receiving it. The refund will be deposited within 10 working days of receiving your returned items undamaged and in good condition.

2.2 If you have ordered a kit and informed us that you no longer wish to use our service within 14 days after the kit has been dispatched, yet your kit has not been opened and your barcode has not been registered, a refund will be given minus the £25.00 cost of the kit and postage fee. Your refund will be processed once your kit is returned back to our HQ office at Rightangled Ltd, 32 Galena Road, London W6 0LT, UK.

2.3 If a result cannot be produced for a biomarker in your DNA or blood test, we will cover the cost of a replacement test for that specific biomarker test and will have a replacement kit shipped to your address for a re-sample free of charge, for one time only. If your sample has not been correctly taken or packaged, we are unable to provide a replacement.