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Rizatriptan is a prescription medication for migraines and severe headaches. It works by narrowing blood vessels in the brain to stop pain signals and prevent the release of substances causing pain. Take as directed for fast and effective relief.

    What is it used for?

    Rizatriptan is a medication used for the acute treatment of migraine headaches with or without aura in adults. It is a selective serotonin receptor agonist that works by narrowing the blood vessels in the brain, thereby reducing the pain and other symptoms of a migraine headache. Rizatriptan should be used only to treat an actual migraine attack and should not be used for the prevention of migraine headaches. It is available in tablet form and should be taken as soon as possible after the onset of a migraine headache.

    Who is it suitable for?

    • Not suitable if you have high blood pressure.
    • If you have heart problems .
    • If you have kidney problems .
    • Under the age of 18.
    • Older than 65 years .

    How do you take it?

    • Rizatriptan is treatment for migraine.
    • You should take one tablet once your migraine headache begins.
    • It’s recommended to use the 10mg tablets in the beginning.
    • This medicine shouldn’t be taken daily.
    • You shouldn’t take more than 20mg within 24 hours.
    • The symptoms should improve within 2 hours of taking this tablet.
    • You should not mix Rizatriptan with another triptan when treating the same migraine
    • This medicine is in a group called selective serotonin 5-HT1B/1D receptor agonists.
    • Rizatriptan might take longer to work if taken after a meal. It’s better to take this tablet on an empty stomach, you can still take it after you have eaten.

    Possible side effect?

    • Feeling Drowsy.
    • Nausea.
    • Vomiting.
    • Dry mouth.
    • Sleep disturbance.
    • Muscle stiffness.

    Rizatriptan 10mg Tablets.

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