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Regaine for Women 5% Scalp Foam

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Regaine for Women ONCE A DAY Scalp Foam is a treatment for female, pattern hair loss. This foam helps to reduce hereditary hair loss and thinning while encouraging new hair growth. It works directly at the roots, strengthening and revitalising the hair follicle to grow noticeably thicker and fuller hair. 

Regaine is for use of women aged between 18 and 65 years. It works best for women who are experiencing hair thinning of the scalp. Those who have been losing hair for a short period time or younger females are likely to get the best results. You are less likely to benefit from Regaine Foam if your hair has been thinning/ balding for many years or if there is a large amount of hair loss.

    Regaine for Women 5% Scalp Foam. Regaine for Women 5% Scalp Foam.


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    Learn more about Regaine for Women 5% Scalp Foam

    • 1. What is Regaine for Women?

    • 2. How does it work?

    • 3. How is it used?

    • 4. How to store?

    Regaine for Women Scalp foam is scientifically proven to help regrow hair and even reverse hereditary hair loss. It works directly at the roots, strengthening and revitalising the hair follicle to grow noticeably thicker and fuller hair.

    Regaine’s formula stimulates vital roots and reactivates inactive follicles, to promote hair regrowth and thicken hair. It penetrates the root to help stop hair thinning, reactivates inactive follicles, whilst strengthening and revitalising the hair follicle to grow new, thicker hair.

    This product should only be used ONCE a day.

    1. Ensure both the hair and scalp are completely dry before applying REGAINE
    2. Hold the can upside down and press the nozzle to dispense foam onto fingers. The total amount of foam should not exceed 1g (1/2 capful)
    3. Massage the foam lightly into the affected areas of the scalp
    4. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the foam
    5. Use once a day

    - Do not store in areas over the temperature of 25°C
    - Keep out of sight and reach of children
    - Do not use outside expiry date, expiry date refers to the last day of said month
    - Do not throw away normal household waste, contact a pharmacist to ask how to dispose of this safely

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    Regaine for Women 5% Scalp Foam

    What is it used for?

    • Regaine for Women Once a Day Scalp Foam prevents further hair loss and helps hair re-growth

    How do you take it?

    • It should be applied once a day to the scalp
    • Do not use more than once a day
    • Results are noticeable after 12 weeks
    • Make sure your hair and scalp are dry before using this foam

    Who is it suitable for?

    • Suitable for women, not suitable for men
    • Aged between 18 to 65
    • Not suitable if your pregnant or breast-feeding
    • If you suffer from a problem with blood pressure

    Poissible side effects?

    • Headache
    • Itching or dermatitis
    • Unwanted hair growth
    • Nausea

    About Hair Loss

    Hair loss is best described as the excessive loss of hair, causing either noticeable bald patches (sometimes smaller ones), a receding hairline and/or thinning of hair. On average everyone tends to lose around 50 - 100 hairs per day, however, this process of losing 50 - 100 hairs a day without noticing can get to the point where the amount of hair you're losing exceeds the amount you are growing, or where there just isn’t any hair being replenished.

    What causes Hair Loss?

    Pattern baldness is what causes hair loss most of the time. Hair loss is hereditary and is very common in women all over the world. Usually you begin to lose hair at the roof of your head and front of the scalp.

    Another widely known cause of hair loss is alopecia areata. It causes the hair to fall out at an irregular rate and in an irregular pattern. Both conditions show that female hair follicles are becoming/have become overly sensitive to hormones.

    How can I manage Hair Loss?

    Macmillan Cancer Support have listed some practical help tips for hair loss, suitable for all hair types. These include washing your hair at least once every two days to help with hair loss, not washing your hair can cause problems and won’t prevent hair loss. Being careful with the way you style your hair to help with hair loss, for example avoiding using heat appliances. Caring for your skin to encourage regrowth by caring for the parts that have lost hair such as the head. Bringing plenty of tissues with you when you go out if you’ve experienced nasal hair loss which will help if you have a runny nose and buying wigs or head accessories to wear will help make hair loss easier.

    More information on how you can get help with hair loss can be found at the bottom of this page.

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