Another Angle | #16 with Natalia Bojanic & Vanessa Rohmig from Form

Welcome to Another Angle podcast by Rightangled!

Our mission is to help our listeners learn how to improve health, fitness and overall well-being with the help of our guest specialists from sectors like medicine, nutrition and fitness.

Our guest on Episode 16 of Another Angle are Natalia Bojanic & Vanessa Rohmig from Form. A company that believe that there is a more responsible way forward for getting your daily nutrition, and that it doesn’t have to come at a cost to others. Form are working to develop the path to performance with plants.

After 10 years as a PR Director working in the luxury industry working with LVMH and brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Natalia left the corporate world to pursue her passion for human development. She is a qualified meditation teacher with wide-ranging training, She is now Co-Founder & Brand Director at Form.

Vanessa is Form's resident customer service advisor - she is a certified naturopathic nutritionist having studied at CNM - College of Naturopathic Medicine.

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