G-Fit Class Launch x 1RebelUK (Event)


G-Fit presents an exciting new addition to our service portfolio, helping to eliminate the ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and fitness. While DNA testing is a growing trend in the industry, G-Fit provides another step forward in the field of precision fitness – focussed on deploying the proven benefits of tailored exercise. Packaged as the first-ever genotype-based fitness class, it takes into account users’ unique DNA sequence, accommodating the difference in genetic profiles in relation to Power vs Endurance muscle fibres. It is designed to enable users to achieve their optimal health and fitness, by identifying what works best for them from the beginning.

Following the soft-launch earlier in March 2020 in Central London, in partnership with London fitness group 1RebelUK, G-Fit will be rolled out over the coming months in multiple cities across the country. The pioneering concept sits in perfect alignment with the company’s tradition of innovation and mission to personalise healthcare in the UK – and internationally.